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Call to submissions: Science and Science Fiction issue of Stone Telling
stone telling
rose_lemberg wrote in stonetellingmag
Dear Friends of Stone Telling,

We're making good progress on Issue 5, which is planned to go up on Monday, Sep. 26. Meanwhile, in a few days(on Sep. 23rd) Stone Telling will reopen to submissions.

For Stone Telling 6, we are interested in showcasing outstanding Science and Science Fiction poetry. 

The concept of science fiction is familiar, although it is notoriously hard to define. If you think it's science fiction, please send it in. We are open to pretty much anything, but as always, ideas without feeling will be a hard sell.

As for science poetry, this does not have to have a speculative element; non-spec poetry featuring science is welcome. By science we mean everything, in the Russian sense of nauka (a word that means both science and scholarship). Please send your hard science poetry, but also your social science stuff – anthro, psych, sociology, linguistics, etc. If you think something might fit, please try us. We're not interested in reading academic articles in poetic form though. 

What else? We will consider technology poetry, as well as steampunk (i.e. early technology), but we're not overly fond of just steampunk “decorations.” 

For this issue we'll also consider surreal /borderline/unclassifiable pieces, but this is not the issue for straight-out fantasy and mythic poetry.

Please ask any questions here, or query us at poetry at stonetelling dot com.

This sounds like a marvelous set of guidelines to me.

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