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Queer issue - call for submissions
rose_lemberg wrote in stonetellingmag
We're now open to submissions, and reading for the Queer issue. We want poems with the queer content explicit, rather than implicit; we want to see queer identities or relationships. A few examples from past issues of Stone Telling:

Persephone in Hel, Sonya Taaffe
A Masquerade in Four Voices, Alexandra Seidel
The Changeling's Lament, Shira Lipkin
Terrunform, Tori Truslow

The queer issue is here because we want to see more queer poetry. Since the inception of ST, we've published some amazing queer poems, but we keep taking about queer poetry because a) it matters to us, b) it's cool, c) there's not enough of it. What is "enough"? Well, when I was putting together the Moment of Change, for example, I had to look really, really hard for queer poems. I asked editors, who pointed me at some poems with G and L identities, some of which I reprinted, but I never felt like there was a whole lot of it. Bi, trans*, genderqueer and genderfluid poems proved really, really elusive. Lately, people have been sending excellent LGBTQ stuff to us because we are a queer-friendly market and we constantly talk about it, and we publish it, but now we want more, we want to put together a whole issue of it. 

We want to see your LGBTQ stuff.  In fact, for this issue, we will consider any treatment of sexuality and gender that does not fall under the heteronormative paradigm. When in doubt, please just send it along. (also when in doubt, please comment and ask!)

We want poetry in any speculative genre. If you have  a literary (nonspec) poem that you feel will fit the magazine, please just send it along.

In case you wondered: we are not interested in homophobic poetry. Yes, it is nominally about queer issues, but we are not interested. This should go without saying, but people *have* sent us such material in the past. Please desist. 

You do not have to identify as queer, in a queer relationship, or out of the closet, to write or read queer poetry.

Pardon me if this information is somewhere else and I missed it, but what is the submission process exactly? And are you looking for long poetry, or would haiku be acceptable as well?

The submission process is simple: send up to 3 poems to with a short cover letter (guidelines are here:

We are looking for all kinds of poems, but generally speaking, poems under 10 lines are a hard sell. Still, I would encourage you to try!

I think you were saying above that even a non-spec poem would be considered. Am I right?

When do you plan to publish this issue (assuming you get enough work?) Would you consider reprints? I have a short-short piece in prose form that really wants to be poetry, and it's coming out in June in an erotica anthology I've edited.

What the heck, I guess I should just send it along.

Sacchi Green


Non-spec is just fine, please send it along!

The short-short piece might be an issue, since we're definitely hoping to get the issue out before June. But since you are the editor, you will know if it works for you. We will be happy to take a look!

What is the deadline for submissions?

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